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Welcome to Cakie!™ & Friends!!

Cakie!™ is a magical world of sweets full of adorable original species created by Sarilain.

We have ARPG activities for those who wish to play, but you don't have to participate or even own a Cakie! to join the group. Everyone is welcome, join the fun today!^^


Queen of Bunnies

The Cakiedex

Cakie Admin

Cakie Artist

Important Links!

Cakie! TOS and Beginner's GuideEdit 7-23: Added a small beginner's guide here, since this seemed like the best place for it.  Let me know if you have any questions that haven't already been answered on this page or one of the pages it links to.
Cakie!™ and Friends TOS
Cakie!™ is the official trademark for the world and original species by Sarilain.  :iconcakie-and-friends: is a fan club for all Cakie!™ related art.  We don't accept any other submissions, unless they include Cakie!™ characters.  Everyone is welcome to join, you don't need a Cakie!™ character, and although we provide ARPG (art role playing game) activities, they aren't required!
Failure to comply with these terms of service is an automatic forfeit of group privileges including membership and all currency/items/characters obtained therein.  Forfeited currency/items/characters will not be refunded.  Forfeited characters may then be resold or redi

Cakie! Species DatabaseDatabase is under construction!  Please give me some time to get everything added!
These species are all closed, which means you must pay to make one.
This is the MYO database where I keep all the info you need to create a character of my species!
How To Obtain a MYO:
:bulletpink: Purchase a Dream Bottle at the Cakie! Marketplace
:bulletblue: MYO means make-your-own.  This means you are just buying the rights to draw and design one character of your own, using my species traits.
:bulletblue: Some of these species don't have visual guides yet, so please read the info provided!
:bulletblue: By using a MYO you automatically agree to the Closed/MYO Species and Adoptables T.O.S. and Caki

Cakiesona by Sarilain
MYO Cakie Crumb by Sarilain
Cakie! MarketplaceWelcome to the :iconcakie-and-friends: Market!
Here you can purchase all the items you need for your adventures in Cakie!
:star: Please comment below with the link to your Cakie! Account to purchase!
If you don't have an account, once you earn Cakie! Coins an account will automatically be made for you.
:star: By participating in the Cakie! ARPG, you automatically agree to the Cakie! FAQs and TOS.
 Purchase Cakie! Coins with :points: at the commission widget on Sarilain
 Purchase 1,000 Cakie! Coins with $11 USD Paypal by noting me on Sarilain
 Earn FREE Cakie! Coins!
:heart: Earn EXP in the 

Cakie! Cottage CaptureComing Soon! Not open yet!
Now you can MYO Crumb for free: 
I will get this game open in another week or two, have to create Crumb forms for everything now!
 Purchase Cakie! Coins with :points: at the commission widget on Sarilain
 Purchase 1,000 Cakie! Coins with $11 USD Paypal by noting me on Sarilain
 Earn FREE Cakie! Coins!
:heart: Earn EXP in the Cakie! Arena
Check your account balance by typing your name into the gallery search engine:
If you don't have an account, once you earn Cakie! Coins an account will automatically be made for you.

Cakie! ArenaArena is in BETA! This means not all features are active yet!
If you understand the process already, you are welcome to participate! You do not need to join a faction at this point, those features will be ignored for now.
But if you have questions, please wait until I am finished working on everything. I promise your questions will be answered by then!
Currently, you can only use the following species here:
Boo Babies, Bubble Kittens, Cakies, Draglow, Dreamkits, Fluffbits, Gumnimals, Kitterpillar, Nuffles, Octopuffs, Puraki, and Slug Kittens.
I am still in the process of adding the other species to the Cakiedex Thank you!
About Gardens:
While Cakie! is made of sugar and Fantaria of dreams, both realms need energy to sustain them. You were called to this world for this purpose: to help the Cakie!s produce energy and keep the land from fading. To accomplish this, you will need a

Earn FREE Cakie! Coins!Edit: Took out the whole leveling up for shops, and the other tasks. This is just to reward you for drawing my characters now.^^ You'll level up for the shops a bit differently!
You must LINK to each deviation you completed in your comment.
Please give me at least a week to respond!
Every member of :iconcakie-and-friends: is welcome to participate, you do NOT need to ask!!^^
How to Earn Free
For every art completed you will earn 50
Just comment below to claim your reward!
Don't forget to include direct links to each artwork so I may verify.You can only collect on each character once.
Artwork Rules:
Only quality art will be eligible for rewards.  That doesn't mean you have to be a master artist or do a super detailed image with a background, just put in your best effort please!The



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ArtistLunsyy Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Student General Artist
Omg, this group is absolutely adorable!
But I have a few questions, do you need something to join the group, and how can you obtain coins //is that the name of your currency?//
because I read you can only get a cakie by buying a bottle?
KawaiiStorm Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Hi! if someone needs a figurine of their own Cakie, I'm open for commissions! there are magical girl pets examples on my gallery ^^
TheGoldenSunsetAJ Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016  Student Artisan Crafter
May I Join?
CordialCrow Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Student General Artist
Sarilain my terrarchi now belongs to MonsterMoxie
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pyrmappege Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Professional General Artist
Will this be updating anymore?
NotDIESEL Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Am I allowed to join this group if I don't have a Cakie™? If so, how?
Sugar-Dazzle Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
Hey Sarilain, I was wondering, are closed specie makers allowed to add the "TM" thing to their closed specie name ?
Shymori Featured By Owner May 17, 2016   Artisan Crafter
Everything in this group is so amazingly adorable! pastel galaxy! .:Pink pastel heart: 
HeartinaRosebud Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I'm Jenny.
KawaiiKittenInABox Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
(Probably sounding stupid right now) How does one get a Cakie! Account?

Sorry if this is obvious..
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